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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (received August 5th, 2013)

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) is issuing a Call for Abstracts as part of the development of the 2015 Global Assessment Report (GAR15). The GAR15 will be published prior to the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015, in which governments will adopt a successor framework to the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA).
The purpose of this Call for Abstracts is to encourage more research investigating the degree to which the HFA has been fit-for-purpose in affecting change in the management of disaster risk, and in so doing, contribute to both the formulation of the successor framework to the HFA (the HFA2), as well as the development of indicators for effectively measuring the impact of the forthcoming framework.

UNISDR seeks input papers to the 2015 Global Assessment Report (GAR15) that present research, oriented by indicator, addressing the following issues:

  • what changes have been observed since the adoption of the HFA in 2005, and what has been the impact in terms of risk to society; 
  • to what degree has change been facilitated by the HFA or other emerging drivers of effective disaster risk management; 
  • determine if the change was adequately captured by the indicator in its current form and if not propose an alternative impact indicator;
  • what elements will need to be developed for inclusion in the successor framework to the HFA.

To date, research has principally been limited to an analysis of progress in implementing the HFA, based on a factual appraisal of the feedback provided by government and inter-governmental review, as well as major stakeholder groups, against the 22 core indicators of the Priorities for Action of the HFA.  These indicators have thus far encouraged the measurement of inputs as opposed to outputs and impact. The Call therefore seeks to encourage research that:  examines and provides evidence of change since 2005 through the lens of the 22 core indicators;  and investigates the extent to which such change can be attributable to the components of the HFA, or other emerging issues.

  • The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 month after the date of the Call, or September 5.
  • Abstracts should be 300 words or less.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted to using the submission template available at
  •  Abstracts must be informed by the Call for Abstracts, Guidance Document and the Concept Paper available on the dedicated workspace.
  •  After review of the abstracts by UNISDR, the Coordinating Organisation and the Coordinating Lead Author, UNISDR will invite successful applicants to develop full GAR15 input papers for submission by the date specified in respective Concept Papers (and by the latest 31 December 2013).
  •  Input papers will be used by the Coordinating Lead Author to develop GAR15 Background Papers, which will be subjected to both an informal peer review, as well as an external peer review.
A second Call for Abstracts will be issued on 15 September 2013 covering the remaining research areas outlined in the generic Call for Abstracts available on the workspace.

All input papers will be made available online as an annex to GAR15. In addition, UNISDR will coordinate the submission of all final papers to an academic journal for consideration in a special issue focusing on the state of disaster risk management. The use of Input Papers in the development of GAR 15 Background Papers will be at the discretion of the CLA.

For more information contact UNISDR: Rhea Katsanakis ( 


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