Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can you Change the World? Messages of Hope from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Desmond Tutu, and God Himself

A Message of Hope from Arnold Schwarzenegger at COP-15

"Change starts from the grassroots," California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said today at his speech to the COP-15. The leaders of the Copenhagen conference need to listen to "ordinary folks" when journalists queried whether he honestly expected Africa to learn from the example of California on climate change. California leads the US in its mandate to cut greenhouse gases and become a green state. "We don't wait for Washington," he said, "We've given up on that long ago."

"But how happy we would be", he said, "if all the world's harbors would be as clean" as Copenhagen's! And Schwarzenegger presented California's dream of a clean state as a story of "transformation"... and the reason behind the COP-15 meeting, "...the desire, the hope and the need for planetary transformation."

And is the story a fairy-tale, a dream, a false hope, "and if it is not, how do we make it real?" asks Schwarzenegger. And why do we put so many hopes and eggs into the big, international agreement basket, when the UN has reported that over 80% of greenhouse gas mitigation will be done at the sub-national level? These are profound questions posed by the Governor of California, a man whose political mettle more than a few have questioned. Questions meriting an answer!

So what is your place in this story? What is your dream? Can you imagine living in a world where people took care of our planet the same way they take care of what is most precious to them in life? Can you imagine that you can change the world? What are you waiting for?

...to be continued...

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