Monday, November 10, 2008

Remembering 70 Years Today of Jewish Resilience Since Kristallnacht

Remembering Jewish Resilience at Kristallnacht: 70 Years Today

MARGATE - "We didn't know until we arrived in Dachau what they intended to do with us."Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp was part of 97–year–old Richard Haas's terrifying Holocaust experience that began with his arrest 70 years ago Monday on Kristallnacht.He says the Nazi's gave him no reason for his arrest "You know we knew what was going on," says Haas.Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass" was an event of extreme Nazi intimidation towards Jews on Novermber 9-10 1938.92 Jews were murdered about 30,000 were arrested and hundreds of synagogues were destroyed.Jewish homes and businesses were attacked too.Holocaust survivor Alice Gingold recalls, "Right across from where I live we saw people writing Jew, Jew, Jew so when Kristallnacht came they just went through and knew exactly which windows to break."Starting Monday Holocaust Survivors from throughout South Jersey have their pictures and stories on display at the Milton and Betty Katz Jewish Community Center in Margate.It's an exhibit based on the new book called Portraits of Resilience, a project of the Holocaust Resource Center of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.Those involved say 70 years haven't erased memories like Kristallnacht.Betty Grebenshikoff was 8 years old and says, "I remember fear, I remember broken glass, I remember walking on crunching glass and even today when I walk on broken glass I can remember that feeling of fear in my stomach."For many it was hard to understand why they became so hated."What did I do to them, I was the same person as the day before," says Grebenshikoff.According to some survivors, making sure the next generation understands their roots makes it worth recalling the painful past.Gingold says, "What will happen when we die? And we're all in our 80's and 70's we're going to be gone in 10 or 15 years from now. Who will remember and how will it be remembered?"Monday night the Jewish Community Center held a Kristallnacht remembrance Service.For more information on the Portraits exhibit call 609 6524699 or email Article courtesy

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